Souffle Cheesecake 

This japanese style souffle cheesecake is so fluffly, light, and soft. The texture is smooth and delicate. I enjoy listening to the slushy sound when I cut the souffle cheesesake with a fork. It’s just so nice.


Custard Filled Waffle

Custard filled waffles are such nice treats for kids or anyone! Take a bite to indulge in the warm, soft, chewy waffle, and the cool, smooth custard oozing out from inside. Hmmm. Satisfying indeed!


This guacamole recipe is super healthy, indulging, and super simple that it can be done in 5 minutes.

Strawberry French Toast Muffin

Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside, these warm baked strawberry french toast muffins stuffed with strawberries and drizzled with peanut butter maple syrup are perfect for breakfast, dessert, and parties!

Sauteed Apple Caramel

Warm and sweet caramelized apple slices are perfect for cool breezes. Serve with french toast, waffle, pancakes, ice cream, or yogurt, and add cinnamon if you love them.

Tuna Sandwich Pocket With Dill

The unique, aromatic, sweet flavour of dill greatly compliments the tuna and makes this tuna sandwich pocket nutritious and perfect for breakfast that will bring delight and freshness out of you.

Grilled Sliced Beef Cheese Burger

Burgers are versatile and satisfying.   Any meat or non-meat will work with burgers and still be satisfying. However, I realised I rarely buy burgers outside because most of them disappointed me. The burger buns are so dry! The meat is tasteless! Look, they only give me 1 lettuce leaf! How stingy! So expensive! These…

Matcha Green Tea Soufflé

  Wouldn’t it be so comfy to eat warm soufflé while sitting in a cosy sofa and reading that favourite book or listening to music? I made dark chocolate soufflé a few days ago when I thought why not make it matcha green tea (my favourite.) And if I can have a sip of warm matcha…

Dark Chocolate Soufflé

When I put the soufflé in my mouth, I could still feel those bubbles popping when they touched my tongue. So warm, delicate, and sweet. I fell in love with these soufflé.

Hot & Spicy Mixed Meat Spaghetti

Not a very typical spaghetti dish to be found in the menu, this dish contains mixed meat: chicken, beef, and scallops. Plus eringi mushroom, which is my favourite mushroom because it doesn’t smell too mushroomy and has a nice texture and gives me a little chew. This hot & spicy mixed meat spaghetti is a Thai fusion. I…